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Can one of our British posters possibly shed some light on this? Why do I see so many British people acting like sport hunting is a big deal? Especially when the Brits hunted wolves and bears to extinction while, for example here in BC, there is still one black bear for every person?

Not Brit bashing, I grew up there, but is this some new thing, because I don't remember it growing up... Why is hunting such a hot button issue in a country where there are no animals to hunt in the first place?

I work nights here in BC and on any given night I'll run into black bears, raccoons, skunks, deer, coyotes... and we have a booming hunting industry. I remember living in the UK as a kid and don't ever remember seeing anything but squirrels and birds and I lived in the country.

Seems like Hardy is being genuine here as I can't imagine why he'd try to talk his way into a match with Hughes at this point in either guy's career.

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