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This is interesting. Nobody likes to get hit, but he surprised the heck outta me by withstanding the barrage by Carwin and ended up taking a SOTN win. Actually wasn't pissed off for losing cuz he earned it. Problem is, he doesn't strike which also means he's never been hit before.

Also if you really think about it, he's your typical bully. Thus it's unlikely he ever gotten a serious beatdown so that feeling of getting your brain rattled is foreign to em.

I still consider him a natural wonder ever since I first seen the trapz on em in WWE bodyslamming The Big Show. Tremendous amount of strength...has to be the strongest on par with Overeem. I mean if he had expert level boxing/muay Thai with a black belt in BJJ it would be pretty much game over man. That's the beauty of the sport. So many variations of fighter styles and attributes.

Unlike Kurt Angle we don't have to wonder about Brock's potential. In my mind he was never a true MMA fighter, but he was able to compete at the highest levels and win the championship with good match ups and timing.

He's paved the way for a ton of other showman to fight for real which I find to be quite intriguing. You know deep down every WWE wrestler wants to be in the UFC. Take it for what it is though...

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