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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Please explain the irony and how you came up with that projection, until then your comment is incredibly idiotic and unnecessary.

Also I never claimed that the average Australian was more intelligent than the average person from anywhere else. I believe the education system in Australia might be a little better than the US and I can back that with some stats if you want to get pedantic.

For the record I wouldn't even care if Australia is the least intelligent nation on the planet, it sure as hell doesn't feel like the average person here can keep up in an intellectual discussion and based on your comment i'd assume that's the same everywhere.
Dude. Please. Call yourself an Australian? Any self respecting Aussie brother would have jumped on my gaping invitation with some gloriously offensive barbs aimed at my home land. I envisioned several pages of banterous jousting. But no. I get one of *those* Australians. *sigh*

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Ever heard the one about the Brit who moved to the midwest? He felt really out of place there, and eventually sought counseling. So his psychiatrist told him he should sign up for electro-shock therapy. They'd zap his brains a couple of times and he'd feel right at home. Since he was feeling quite depressed about not being able to connect with his new neighbours or his wife's family, he agreed.

After the treatment, the doctor told him they had bad news. "We accidentally used double the voltage." He said. Upon hearing this distressing news the guy simply smiled and replied "No worries, mate."
I shouldn't... but...
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