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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
^This. With shin splints I'm already barley able to pivot.

And as for Brock with his disease. You said "he changed after the Carwin fight" (@ rabakill). The Carwin fight could have been easily stopped, making it no different from the Cain fight. Lesnar didnt do anything different in either fights. He lay fetal and took a beating. One ref opted to end it, one gave him the chance to go on. Luckily for Lesnar, Carwin half died in the first and he got the submission, but there was virtually no difference between the first rounds.

I've got loads of respect for Lesnar and think he did something different and was highly successful with it, but when he faught proper strikers he crumbled every time.
He was harder to break mentally, he took a beating because he sucks at striking and Carwin had good tdd. He broke so quickly against Cain and against Overeem he just didn't care at all, he was beaten before he even stepped in the octagon. It's the difference between when a fighter only loses if the other guy breaks him physically or when a fighter will beat himself, losing his sense of physical superiority took away all his confidence because he always knew he couldn't strike at all. Happens in every sport, take Rene Bourque for example, he was a wrecking machine of a hockey player, got injured, became a timid wuss that would shy away from guys half his size. The Brock that went in against Mir and Herring went in with fire, the Brock that fought Cain was unsure and the Brock that fought Overeem had a 0% chance of winning. It's like when a guy blows out his knee and he's always weary of going all out even if it does fully heal.

I'm not even blaming Brock, getting sick like that would end most people's athletic career.

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