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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Just out of curiosity, how do you train now with your leg in a brace or with a cain?

I would imagine the pivoting involved in throwing a real boxing punch would render that almost impossible with a torn thigh, let alone actually practicing kickboxing.

No offense, just curious.
I'm supposed to use a cane or a leg brace. I don't. Out of stubborness more than anything. Mostly it's just that some days it's not that bad. Not often but when it's good - usually the day after I have access to a hot tub for a while - I put on a compression brace and go train for a while. Feels good just hitting the bag. If I'm lucky I get to spar for a bit.

But we're only talking a few days out of the month if I'm lucky. Less in spring and fall when the weather's changing but I do what I can do. More often I get to help train other guys. Which I do enjoy but I'm not a teacher at heart.

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