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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I'm supposed to use a cane or a leg brace. I don't. Out of stubborness more than anything. Mostly it's just that some days it's not that bad. Not often but when it's good - usually the day after I have access to a hot tub for a while - I put on a compression brace and go train for a while. Feels good just hitting the bag. If I'm lucky I get to spar for a bit.

But we're only talking a few days out of the month if I'm lucky. Less in spring and fall when the weather's changing but I do what I can do. More often I get to help train other guys. Which I do enjoy but I'm not a teacher at heart.
It's quite remarkable you'd be able to do that, knowing how easily torn muscles are re-torn. I've had some myself that re-tore multiple times, and after the third time or so I practically refused to acknowledge that I possessed the arm for nearly half a year, until I was bloody sure it was good as new.

It's also quite surprising that all your fights were on VHS and lost ... when you'd mentioned you're 29, the same age as myself, I couldn't help but recall the last time I'd seen a VHS tape. Probably watching Robocop and Lion King as a kid. Cheap digital cameras with video capability have been around for over a decade, and even video capable cell phones have been around and affordable for 6-7 years. So unless you had all your 30+ fights between age 14-17 in the pee wee leagues, it's surprising you never once felt the need to have a buddy or camp mate turn the ol cellphone your way for a few minutes while you were at your best.

And as mentioned before, you've thrown about a few different versions of your fighting experience and active years, all bound together by multiple subtexts and qualifications of "that number was because I was talking about blah, this new number is because of this" etc.

Not to mention your grandiose claims of NEVER. EVER. LYING. EVER. CEREAL. SUPER CEREAL. set quite a high bar as well. I generally believe lying to be wrong in my belief system, yet even so I've caught myself trying to bend the truth or exaggerating many times.

So you can imagine why people on the internet get skeptical about your passive claims to badassery with possibly the largest fight record on the forum (over 30 amateur fights), while laughing about every equally dubious claim made by others like Joabbac or the purported pole-dancing ballerina bellator-fighter-girlfriend playboy centerfold that was on here a while back.

However, in the event everything you said is true, I don't want to deride you or hurt your feelings. I know what it's like to sit frustrated for months and in constant pain from torn muscles, being unable to do daily tasks normally let alone do what you love, so if what you say is true then it's much worse and I sincerely hope you do heal well over time.

Whether or not your claims are true, only you know, and if they are more power to you and wish the best for your injury. Either way, your purported fight background doesn't matter too much and what matters is the validity of your views and posts on their own merit, because this is the internet and everything unproven is taken with a pinch of salt anyway.

Try not to take it personally, because as mentioned, you've treated others' claims with the same lens. And when calling out others claims while presenting zero proof for your own, try not to get too riled up bro. It's only natural to question, as you of all people would know.
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