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Southpaw VS Orthodox hard to get past kicks to land punches!?

Ok when its orthodox VS Orthodox it seems punches dominate, and alot of kicks are set up using punches.

When its southpaw VS Orthadox we dont "fit together" and so because of the 2 lead legs in the way of each other and kicks like the teep that keep you out of punching range I find it hard to land punches at all.

This isnt a problem because Ive yet to meet anyone that can out kick me, but I feel like a TKD fighter not a Muay thai fighter I want to be able to effective use my hands and get into range without having to take shots to get in there.

How can I get use my hands more effectively or land them?

I find fienting a teep and rushing in sometimes works but sometimes they just move back because they think a teep is comming and this dosnt work if used more than a few times.

Ive tried Rushing in with x2 jabs to set up the backhand that works if your away from their power side.

I need more ideas on how to use punches! I dont understand how southpaws land rear cross punches all the time because whenever I try to land them I get teeped back out into punching range.

Also I dont like the idea of rushing in to punch someone because you can easily get caught on the way in and your momentum adds power to their shots.

How do I get to use my hands in Muay thai?
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