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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
As far as I'm concerned, Metal Gear Solid 1 is the greatest video game ever made.

It came out all of them years ago and I still remember my first play through like it was yesterday (I really do remember the experience that vividly). Metal Gear 1 was a revolutionary game and invented the modern day stealth genre. It was a game way ahead of its time with the perfect blend of game play and incredible story telling. I remember that first play through when I was like 12 years old and I was absolutely blown away.
Yeah I was probably about 7 or 8 when it came out. It's so playable even now. I was playing with the full non HD remake graphics and it was still very strategic. Rex was difficult, there were loads of easter eggs, the snow footprints etc. MGS 1 has more content than half the games out today.

Do you actually mean Metal Gear 1? I'm not sure if the storytelling was even intended in the originals. I think it was a "Big Boss is bad, Snake is good" kind of deal. I didnt play them though. When they reference that a legendary warrior, Grey Fox, was kidnapped and you, a rookie agent, must rescue him, it does sound pretty intriguing, but I dont think the whole clone army and geonome soldiers concepts were even put in place until MGS1. I think it was just an amazing advancement in storytelling which allowed them to use everything from MG1&2 and still keep them cannon to the storyline (and one of the most pivotal moments).

The Solid Snake Simulation project was INSANE. MGS 2 just felt like it was following a generic MGS pattern, but when they revealed that the pattern was intended, and that the events that took place were simulated for Raiden to become as great a soldier as Snake (who was designed to become as great a soldier as Big Boss), it was CRAZY. SOOOO complex.

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