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Rewatched the fight again. Even in his interview he said that he was comfortable there because he knew it would be harder for him to be taken down and more importantly coming up from a lower weight class he felt that he was quicker and could anticipate his (Bonnar's) strikes. In Mike Goldberg's words, "how good was that."

In the second viewing noticed the shots were glancing ones or Anderson simply rolled with em which is unbelievable especially at such a close proximity. Only boxers display that kind of cat like reflexes. I could see Bonnar perplexed throwing hard combinations, then opting to strike with jabs only to be rebuffed.

For anybody who's disenchanted with his style of fighting you should really take a closer inspection on what he's really doing out there. He's allowing fighters to fight at their own strengths.

Okami has one of the best clinch games. What does Anderson do. He engages.
Chael has the best take downs.
Vitor is a striker.
Lutter is a Black BJJ practioner yet gets submitted.
Irvin is an accomplished Muay Thai fighter yet he taught em an advanced lesson in kickboxing.

Think engaging his opponents with their own strengths actually mentally stimulates him as it presents a challenge to em. This guy fights in such a special way that it's surreal.

Watching this master fight always puts a big smile on my face.

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