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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Seriously Mma fans will complain about anything.

I was at the bar last night and these two guys in affliction shirts were sitting at the bar behind me and during the fight they kept going Wtf this retard doing he doesn't know how to fight what a ******* idiot wow that black guy is getting his ass kicked, what a moron he's a bitch. Like two minutes left I turned around and said do you have any idea who that guy is? And they said no I just want boner to win so he can get knocked out by Chuck leedel. I just went prepare to be disappointed and turned back around.
lol they probably thought it was a lucky shot that ended it too.. i remember watching the Silva vs. Vitor fight in a bar and all i could hear was murmurs of it being a lucky shot and how he meant to kick him in the chest..

on a side note, its mostly uneducated fans that think his antics are disrespectful and purely showboating.. women a lot of the time too talk about how they cant stand to watch A.Silva fight because he plays with his food.. they just don't understand

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