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Originally Posted by Crester View Post
Stop being a jackass... Silva is the greatest fighter ever in the UFC. I don't understand people who just sit behind their keyboard and hate because some one else is successful... and they are just stuck living in their parent's basement.
yea yea. im not hating, im simply stating my opinion. i never said he wasnt the greatest fighter, i dont care for how cocky he has become, justified or not, be a little more humble about it. u stand in front of someone with your hands down and its bound to catch up with u, doesnt take but once to be unlucky, having no respect for another fighter just looks ridiculous, i dont give a **** how good you are, it shows some carelessness on his behalf. as a fighter, i love his style, theres not much u can complain about it... he was one of my favorites before he acted like he had to start proving he could clown people... we know that.

lmao, stuck in my parents basement. how old are you, and whats your career? no i dont really care.

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