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What's the deal with all the butthurt over Silva proving he is the best fighter on the planet, again? Silva puts his hands down and moves, or just eats whatever he is hit with, for one simple reason, it forces his opponent to become confident in playing Silva's game. Hell, the only way Bonnar had any chance in the fight is if he could grind Silva against the cage. So..., Silva stood against the cage and let Bonnar try that. After a couple minutes or so, you could just tell Bonnar broke. He was implementing his best gameplan, Silva let him implement it, and it wasn't working. Bonnar broke mentally and spiritually. Went to plan B, which was hit and hope. By making Bonnar resort to plan B, Silva got the fight to his plan A, striking. Silva is a master technician. He is a tactical genius. It's not his damn fault he is that good. So..., if you are gonna be butthurt towards anybody, be butthurt towards..., God..., or whatever higher power that had the audacity to create a human being that is so f***ing much better than everybody else.
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