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Originally Posted by Cookie66 View Post
I think Jeremy did committed the assault. American Police nowadays don't arrest innocent people.
If you beat up someone, be ready to get arrested like a man. If you want to solve a problem without getting arrested, look for a legal way to solve it.
American Police arrest whoever they want. I don't know if Jeremy assaulted anybody. The first reports I read said that he defended the woman who is now accusing him of all this crap. Then, I read that he had to play bouncer cuz this guy was drunk and causing trouble. 2 different sources say he's innocent of assaulting anybody. This meth head crack whore chick is the only source that is claiming he assaulted someone. I honestly think that eventually, all of this will just go away. Through my experience with the tainted legal system, this assault charge will likely be lowered to Battery at some point, which the DA hopes he can get Stephens to plead to something like Disorderly Conduct. If Stephens sticks to his guns, and the evidence suggests that his side of the story is what happened, then he'll get off without anything. The American Judicial System uses time against whoever they are after. They will make him sit in jail for however long they think they need to get Stephens to plead to something.
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