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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
He fought Belfort with his hands down that is just how he fights. Do you have some irrational hatred for Dominic Cruz for fighting with his hands down as well?
hatred? you think b/c i made a thread saying im tired of his showboating i hate him, and thats irrirational? do you watch other sports like football? tell me why you dont like another team and ill tell you you're being irrational. and no, i just think cruz is a fuggin doucher period. never liked him from the get go. silva, like i said... i used to like. i just dont care for that cocky, be bop around with your hands down, that shit is bound to catch up with you one day no matter who you are.

silva, cruz, etc. you cant but respect their abilities as a fighter, their styles may work, but god forbid i have an opinion and say i dont care for that part of him. i think its being careless, i dont give a shit who you are.
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