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If I may chime in I can sense your frustration because ironically I was not a fan of Prince Naseem, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Roy Jones Junior. They all had one thing in common.

Now for Silva he doesn't let his hands down til he figures out his opponents timing and power. It could be deemed as showboating, but really I think most are missing the point here. It's a pure tactical play. How many times has he proven that. He did it against Griffin, Okami, Belfort, Sonnen and now Bonnar.

It's the ultimate psyche out. You can't take it at face value then you'll deem it as showboating. Have you ever thought that it could backfire. It hasn't because he's always in control and it's part of his master plan.

The Spartans would hold formation while local village tribes would shout, yell and eventually charge in. The Spartans would hold calmly, defend, block, then counter attack and decimate entire legions. Why...because the tribes were scattered with no centralized focal point of attack while the Spartans had their shields protecting each other. Then they would rotate. Alexander followed by the Romans would perfect this phalanx formation many centuries later. In a battle against the Persians the Spartans feigned retreat then turned around and wiped them out as they ran after them breaking formation.

Just because they appear to be weak or defenseless does not mean they are. It is about controlling your opponent with the intent of finishing with an END GAME.

I hope you've gained more insight and appreciate Anderson Silva as you said that you were a fan before.

He's giving us a show and exhibiting martial arts at the highest level.

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