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People saying he was in danger way underestimate his abilities. You could tell Anderson literally wanted to feel a little of Bonnar's power, mix it up and put on a show. The best part was when he went back into the corner, that may be the most badass thing I've ever seen.

Strategy wise Bonnar should have jumped on Anderson or backed the hell up, but he didn't and that's why Anderson is a freaking genius. He was in control of every single thing that happened in the fight, he let Bonnar push him against the cage, he let Bonnar hit him in the face. Anderson Silva outclassed Bonnar in such a devastating manner that Anderson would have had to close his eyes, fold his arms and kneel down to lose that fight. Bonnar could not have knocked him out because Anderson knows how to roll with punches so perfectly, there's a point where you just have to say yeah he is the best. It was amazing to watch from a strategical perspective, to see a smaller man have literally no chance to lose a fight against a bigger younger man. Anderson could have taken Bonnar's hardest punch and been fine because his reactions are so good he minimizes all damage by rolling with it, that was more art than combat yesterday.

credit to Bonnar for taking the fight, it takes two to make a masterpiece in the cage.

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