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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
I want nothing more than to see Anderson KO Bones.. Bones doesn't want that fight either, I really hope it happens though.

It's sad that you guys have to hate, he's a marvelous fighter, it's a lot of fun being a massive fan of his.
QFT - Eventually you have to just step back and rethink why you dislike someone.

For Silva, it seems like he and Jones don't want to fight each other, and that suddenly Silva wants GSP, a seemingly less threatening opponent.

I went back and found some of his interviews after the Griffin fight: He has been saying that he does not want to go after the LHW title since before Jones was even ranked.

He has also said since 2009 (post UFC 87) that he would fight GSP if the fight was offered.

I personally really want to see Silva vs. Jones (detailed in other threads) but wouldn't be surprised if it never gets inked.

Silva is saying he won't do it; regardless of the payday. (153 Post Fight Press Conference) I guess we will see how much sway Dana holds in the coming weeks.

Always supporting:

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the best match-up the UFC has ever been able to arrange. Here's to hoping it goes down.
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