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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
Not at all. If guys like Stephen Bonnar are dumb enough to get drawn into the strike for strike match it's their fault, Silva stands there with his hands down and Bonnar doesn't close the gap, not Silva's fault. Silva just draws guys into standing in his range by giving them opportunities to hit him, Bonnar should have been hugging him for 3 rounds to get the lay'n'pray but he did exactly what Okami did.

You can not fault Silva for using a strategy that tricks fighters into playing right into his hands. Sure it was cocky as hell, but don't stand 2 feet in front of him and you won't get kneed to death. Yeah you have to take the fight to him to win, but do it like Sonnen did in the first fight by allowing no distance ever. Bonnar stood right in front of him trying to tag him and that's exactly how Anderson beats guys. If you go into the cage and get tricked into trying to strike with Silva that's a reflection of how good Silva is. He goes over and makes sure the guy is ok afterwards, he's not doing it out of disrespect, he does it because people are dumb enough to think they can rock him standing.

Another reason you can't fault him is because if he didn't do what he did we wouldn't know how good he actually is, if he would have gone in and circled and been afraid of the takedown the fight would have been mediocre. Silva proved to the world that yes, he is the best, he will give himself a huge disadvantage and turn it into a trap. I'd rather watch a cerebral chess match where he completely outsmarts his opponents than a careful boxing match where he does what we already know he could do.

Did he embarrass Bonnar and was it unacceptable? I say Bonnar embarrassed himself by getting tricked just like Okami did. I don't get how people don't appreciate Anderson's performances, he's the best in the world at the sport we love to watch. Nobody does what he does, I don't even see how Bonnar's ego would be hurt so why bother being mad.
I can agree with most of what you've written, but I wouldn't say that Okami got tricked. Okami tried to wrestle Silva down against the cage at the beginning of their fight, but was convinced by a couple of Silva's knees to the ribcage that it's no fun to be in that distance with Silva. So he rather was forced to try the stand up game.
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