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Originally Posted by strikerelitemma View Post
Its helped me so when im in a fight I don't randomly just throw a technique I have set combos im very organized in my fighting regiment and I noticed in fights a guy will just throw something especially in mma for not much reason just throw something I feel that since I have a set system and regiment I literally can focus on what my opponet is doing next I mean the best chess players are the guys who know what their next move is and the next one and the one after that lol
You sound very left brained, very egotistical, and very attached to your ideas and very needy, and very prideful you probably wont admit it.

For you to become a great fighter you will have to be more like an artist and less like an analyst.

Dont drop what your doing but move towards being dynamic, not needing to think, to relying on feeling and intuition, reading your opponent, not being set in your ways or predictable, does anderson silva look like he has a set pattern before he comes into a fight? Hell no he adapts on the fly, as does bruce lee, as did roy jones jr as did muhamid ali, but they all probably started off with patterns as a training wheel to begin with because it progresses you faster but it has an early limit to its effectiveness, so your on the right path.

I look forward to your argument and resistance to changing your ways (a problem of yours right?)

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