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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
But he didn't and neither did the 40 odd elite fighters before him. On the contrary, silva has been taken down and pounded or submitted multiple times, so at least what bonnar tried was smart.

They say there is a chance you can jump out of a plane at 30000 feet without a parachute and survive. Happened once to a guy, both parachutes failed, hit the ground smack and still survived without any permanent damage.

Lets start a jump from a cliff train!
But Bonnar, and everyone else, knew that a match of grappling skills wouldnt bode well for him, and it didnt.

Your analogy is stupid. Let me correct it. Bonnar was on a plane that is ready to crash. Grappling is like staying on the plane, which is almost certain death (losing). Standing and scrapping and looking for a flash KO is like jumping out, and hoping you hit a small pond or something.

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