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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
It is likely that he and the Diva brothers sit around, when they aren't training, and smoke pounds of weed and just talk about how weed needs to be completely legal cuz it's just a flower or what kind of Doritos go best with apple juice. That's what happens when you hang out with retarded 12 year olds stuck in grown up bodies.

Oh well, it's not like Shields is relevant in the UFC anyways. I must say that I won't miss watching him fight. He is 45% bump n' grind, 45% dry hump and pray, 10% spastic retard striking. I hope he decides to retire during his suspension. His presence is not needed anywhere.

Damn dude. Did you know someone who like died from a weed overdose?

I kid, you just seem so angry. Jake is an amazing grappler. He just needs to stick with what he's best at. You must not have much knowledge of the ground game. When performed at a incredibly high level it's actually very interesting and fun to watch.

Also, you should probably change your profile picture. I think an admin will smack you for that. Pretty messed up

"MMA and Muay Thai are similar in a few aspects, such as the fact that their is no traditional belting system - only a list of people you never want to have to fight." - Kenny Florian
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