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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
But Bonnar, and everyone else, knew that a match of grappling skills wouldnt bode well for him, and it didnt.

Your analogy is stupid. Let me correct it. Bonnar was on a plane that is ready to crash. Grappling is like staying on the plane, which is almost certain death (losing). Standing and scrapping and looking for a flash KO is like jumping out, and hoping you hit a small pond or something.
How did everyone know? Nice try trying to pawn off your opinion as some sort of unanimous gospel. And obviously BONNAR was the last person that "knew" this supposed truth of yours, because of what he attempted in octagon. Completely idiotic statement.

I was convinced Bonnar would lose either way, but his grappling creds at least match up way better than his striking creds.

Your analogy is far stupider. Staying on the plane while trying to steer a crash landing is a much better option, considering the chances are far higher. In this case the plane happened to be flying over freaking Mordor (i.e. best striker in the history of combat sports) and there wasn't a patch of water in sight.

There was still a chance of crash landing at least (grappling and hoping for a miracle sub / smothering victory), at least 3 people have accomplished that in the past and another has come very close. Who is stupider? The free falling jumper or the pilots that have been trained for years to try for crash landings with occasional success?
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