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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
How can it 'supposedly' be true if it happened? I said before the fight that he shouldnt grapple because Anderson will be able to stay standing easily and beat him down in the striking. What happened? Anderson was able to stay standing and beat him down in the striking. I mean, you cant argue with my prediction if that's what happened.

The only area where Bonnar is better than Anderson is brawling. Anderson is a martial artist before he is a fighter, and he's never been dragged into a scrappy war. If Bonnar could have got him there, we'd either see a new element to Silva's game or a Bonnar win.

You think steering a plane is easier? And there is always a patch of water in sight in the analogy. Anybody can knock out any body at any time.

Wait, Bonnar is a pilot? Damn, never knew that. In the analogy, Bonnar is a passenger. If he's a pilot then obviously he'll just fly to safety. You have now confused and effectivley ruined the analogy. I hope you're proud of youself!
Oh wow you predicted Anderson would keep it standing and KO the hell out of a mid-tier like Bonnar, you should apply for your psychic license Nostradamus.

Everyone knew most likely Bonnar would lose. Everyone knew most likely he'd lose badly if he tried to stand. Everyone knew he'd most likely lose badly if he tried to grapple. That's not a prediction genius, that's obvious. This is Anderson Silva we're talking about!

What's not obvious is that brawling would somehow be better than grappling as you suggest. History indicates that it isn't, it's much worse and based on current fight statistics on Anderson has oh say ... 0% chance of succeeding. As compared to grappling with him, which has an almost 10% success rate.

Anderson's never been dragged into a scrappy war you say? Forrest and Leben tried and they looked like morons for their trouble. Bonnar would have tried and looked worse. The same Forrest that beat your amazing brawler at brawling. Bonnar's brawling intentions would mean squat, Anderson would just have thrown that knee in the first 10 secs, and probably clowned his slow brawling in the 9 secs leading up to it. It's not like he didn't just STAND AGAINST THE CAGE WITH HIS HANDS DOWN AND LET BONNAR BRAWL anyway now did he?

Of course Bonnar's the pilot in the analogy, he's a trained fighter (like a trained pilot?) in a bad situation (engine failure / unbeatable opponent etc.). The best he can do is take the smart path and use the best area of his training in this bad spot, which has shown statistical success in the past (landing a plane with a bad engine / grappling with a guy who has been submitted etc.), rather than throw it all out the window and "get psycho" because some farmer hick on the ground wants to see a guy go *SPLAT* and possibly make it alive. When in the past all that's ever happened with that approach is the splat part.

My apologies for not tailoring my analogy for lower IQs though, how inconsiderate of me.
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