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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I'm almost positive that they'll pair Bisping with the winner of Weidman/Boetsch, and that the winner of that fight will square off against Silva for the title. Anderson clearly wants GSP, which is all well and good, but he can't pick and choose who the number one contender in his division is. I suspect he's saying that he wouldn't fight Weidman today, but were Chris to get by Boestch and Bisping, his tune would likely change.

As I said in another thread, it's quite sad coming from a guy who received his title shot after one fight in the UFC. Against Chris Leben no less.

Edit - Anderson only fought Sonnen after Chael re-cleaned out the top of the division. I give Silva respect for stepping up against Bonnar on such short notice, but he and Ed Soares have always been selective with respect to opponents.
No Anderson said Chael didn't deserve to fight him even after the Stann fight. And people went nuts saying how could he say that when Sonnen gave him the best fight. Of course Chael had to fight at least once or twice more before he got it. He just came off a 6 month suspension and wouldn't of won the fight even if he had held on in the first fight.

Anderson said this for a while and Sonnen fans got whiney. Sonnen said Silva would never fight him or sign the contract. His supporters got on board and whined with him. The fight was supposed to be in Brazil and got moved. Anderson fought him. Sonnen and his fans cried for no reason.

Seriously though, Anderson gets asked who he is fighting next the minute he lays the last guy out. He is expected to know who is next and how things will pan out. We have a Boetsch/Weidman fight. We have a GSP/Condit fight. Anderson just fought twice in 3 months. Can we relax for a week or 2? Or does everyone have to have panic attacks like 15 year old girls?
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