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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
So do you think Georges telling Freddie that he thinks Anderson is too big for him = Georges is mentally ready and will fight Anderson?

For what reason would somebody say "Oh he's too big for me to fight", it probably doesn't help that his boxing coach tells him that he is right.

and it wasn't "Oh he's bigger than me" like Anderson V Bonnar (different, I know, but still), it was "He's too big for me", already counting himself out. That shows a lack of confidence in his ability against Anderson.
George said he isn't comfortable going up in weight... not that he's uncomfortable because of Anderson. Also, there's no where George specifically mentioned Anderson (through Freddy).

The opinion that Anderson is too big is from Freddy... not George. Last I heard, George didn't want to talk about Anderson because he was focusing on Condit. I don't know how any of that equates to him not being mentally ready for anything.

I don't mind if you disagree, I always enjoy debating with you
Likewise bud.

I just don't see this huge supposed mental weakness in GSP that everything thinks he has. The guy fought Alves with a torn groin, and Sheilds with one eye... and dominated both of them with ease while being injured. Not to mention he threw everything including the kitchen sink at Fitch who just keep stomping forward like a freakin terminator. A mentally weak person would have broke under those situations.

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