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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
I dont want to say hes afraid of Jones... but its kind of sad that hes singling out GSP, especially because of his smaller frame.

Jones is clearly the better challenge for him, and I think the majority of fans have switched from waiting a GSP/Silva superfight to a Silva/Jones superfight.

GSP has plenty of fights left at WW. The only top 5 he has faced already is Fitch. Silva and Jones have cleaned out their divisions, GSP has not.
GSP has plenty of fights left at WW? Sorry, no offense, but thats just wrong. I hope this is trolling, you can't seriously think that the guys at WW GSP hasn't fought yet, bring anything to the table that he hasn't already destroyed.

Ellenburger, Hendricks, Kampmann, those are all good fighters, but they have nothing GSP hasn't beaten, and beaten easily. I have no interest in any fight at WW for GSP, the only reason he has to fight Condit is to tie up loose ends, that fight is a gimme as well.

If you think GSP should just stay at WW because WW is the div he belongs in, thats fine, and probably true, he would be a small MW, but there are no challenges left for him at WW, other than running up title defenses. Watching him smash Diaz would be amusing, but it won't challenge him more than anyone else has.
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