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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
It's Irvin, not Irvine.
Correcting a minor typo and acting as though it somehow makes you look superior. How juvenile.

Chael's offense was completely nullified in the first round. I don't know how or why laying in someone's guard whilst doing mounting virtually no offense = winning a round. He was stuffed in the second and embarassed on the feet. "Slipped on a banana peel" is only a weak excuse for Chael breaking during the fight and throwing caution to the wind with a hail mary spinning back fist.
Who spent five minutes maintaining top control and finished the round in full mount? Chael Sonnen. Who remained on bottom and did little more than hold onto Sonnen in hopes of a stand-up? Anderson Silva. Whether or not Sonnen threw or landed anything of consequence is irrelevant. He spent five minutes maintaining top position while Anderson lay underneath him. Unless you've never watched an MMA bout in your life, you're more than aware that Sonnen won that round. Perhaps he didn't do so via a method that you'd prefer, but that would be beside the point.

Sonnen also maintained cage control in the second. No, he wasn't able to take Anderson down - we can accredit that to Anderson's world class TDD or the fact that he so blatantly held onto Sonnen's shorts for a good 45 seconds. Either way, Sonnen made a mistake and tried to fancily strike with the world's best striker when he ought to have stuck to his bread and butter. There is no excuse... Chael made an error and he paid for it. Simple as.

lol, embarrassed on the feet... it wasn't until Chael toppled over due to his spinning back fist that Anderson landed anything of consequence. After that it was over, and over quickly. Forrest Griffin was embarrassed standing. Stephan Bonnar was embarrassed standing. Yushin Okami was embarrassed standing. Chael Sonnen, on the other hand, was the unfortunate victim of his own clumsiness and a beautifully placed knee.

When was the last time your boy threw one of those? Why was he so out of his element at that stage? He was lured into the web and then eaten, just like everybody else. Don't deny the ribs now
Anderson Silva holding my shorts to avoid a takedown whilst peppering me with jabs would make me resort to desperate measures as well. What you fail to realize is that I take no issue with the comment 'Anderson defeated Chael'. I simply don't view it as destruction. Because it was far from it. There are plenty of fights where Anderson has completely demolished his opponents, and this wasn't one of them.
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