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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
No, that's called tripping over yourself and eating a hell of a knee as a result. I'd be more impressed were Anderson the one to put Chael in that position and, you know, not Chael himself.

Meh, no real need to argue further. You have your opinions. I have mine. Anderson won, but that's never really enough it seems. His fans need every extra straw they can grasp at. We get it... your boy is number one. Congratulations on winning vicariously through another man.
Come on now... That was was the most precise knee to a downed opponet I think I've ever seen. In real time I was yelling at my TV " he hit him in the head". Then they showed muliple replays, and I was like "No f'ing way". Silva didn't put a beating on him but he used his deadly sniper shooting to take him out.... You could tell Chael was in a world of pain....
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