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Day - Four
Jeff had us jogging for about half-hour inside tonight due to cooler weather.

I did 5 laps with 5 burpees in between the laps.
I held back a bit due to some pain in my left achiles.
I am dealing with issues in my back again, so it'll be touch and go for awhile.

After this the usual crunch and pushup circut:
Prior to the gym I had done 2 sets of 45 pushups, this probably didn't allow me to go all out in the drill.

I probably hit close to 70. For the crunches I had 60,60,50,80.

After this we worked on slipping, bobbing, weaving, a rotational twist from the boxer's stance, lunges, and squats for 15 minutes @ 30 second swaps for 5 minutes @ a time.

Once done with that we worked on a variety of drills:
Interception of a jab & straight right.
Slipping a jab with counter right hook
Slipping a straight right via a weave with counter left hook to body or head.

I was partnered with a young kid who told me he weighs 215 pounds. I wasn't intending to throw the counter right hook to the body nearly as hard as I was, from what I could tell the blows were driving his elbow into the side. I threw about 10 shots...then withdrew the power.

After this variety drill we had open striking for 5x5 minute rounds.

I was game to help the younger boxers with mitt work. I helped this kid named dominic: he lacked a little fluidity in his form, but once he got going he was stringing together 3 & 4 count combos.

After I was done with him, I helped out the partner who I'd worked with during that variety drill.

I don't know why he was more composed during the mitt session than the previous drill...but he was throwing some nice strikes.

I will be heading back friday and saturday.

I'll try to be logging my diet as well from today on:
breakfast at 10am 2 eggs scrambled with a crumbled piece of bacon with a pint of milk.
noon: a pint of milk with protein powder, and an apple.
3pm: a berry smoothie store-bought, a can of chef boyardee pasta, and a 2-pint protein drink with milk.
4pm: on the way to the gym, a 2 pint mix of water and my preworkout supplement.
during workout: 1.5 liters of water
post-workout: a 2 pint mix of milk and powder.
dinner @ 10:30 pm: a scramble of 6 eggs, half a onion minced & sauteed with herb-blend, half a green bell pepper, and 4 slices of bacon crumbled.

I have taken in roughly 179g of protein, 4.3g of potassium, not sure on the carbs, and roughly 3,000 calories.

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