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Monday April 16th

Ok I didn't go to the gym today soo I had to work out at home which was a bust but I still got some decent shit done.

Strength Training: Press Day

I usually would do bench and incline but I don't have a bench so that's why they are not included.

Fast Pushups:

Overhead Barbell Press:

Overhead Tricep Extensions:

Seated Weighted Bench Dips:
50x2x10 (50 on lap)

Dumbell Snatches(1st time):
45x2x7(7 for each arm)

Fast knuckle pushups:

Jump Rope

I skipped rope for about 3-4 minutes without stopping unless I got my foot caught. Its amazing how much I have improved at jump rope in only a matter of a week. I really got the hang of it and can do it without much effort.

Bag Work

1 set x 15 of left jab, right hand (then did it southpaw)
1 set x 15 of left hook, right hand, left body shot
1 set x 25 punch-out drill

I then got some 3-lb weights and did:
1 set of 20 left jabs, 10 moving to the left, 10 moving to the right
1 set of 20 right jabs, 10 moving to the left, 10 moving to the right
1 set of 20 1-2's, 10 moving to left, 10 moving to right
1 set of 20 1-2's(southpaw), 10 to left, 10 to right

Then I did 30 pushups and that's it. Not that crazy today. I really wanted to do some BJJ and kickboxing today but didn't get to go the gym. Tomorrow=better anyways.

I also split up my training routine a little different, kinda goes like this:

Day 1 - Press Day
Day 2 - Abs/conditioning
Day 3 - Squat Day
Day 4 - Abs/conditioning
Day 5 - Pull day

I also plan on continuing to do BJJ/MT/Boxing/Wrestling 2-4 times a week, but haven't really decided what specific days to do them or to even set specific days for them. Any advice would be helpful, thanks

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