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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I didn't say no connection, Clyde did.

Metal Gear 3's bosses are, in order that you fight them:

1. Revolver Ocelot - your typical Ocelot fight.

2. The Pain - he's the guy who controls the wasps.

3. The Fear - he jumps around in the trees with stealth camo shooting crossbow bolts at you.

4. The End - the very old guy who snipes you, he controls the forest and the boss fight spans 3 sections of the map.

5. The Fury - he's the guy who uses the flamethrower.

6. The Sorrow- he's the guy who is dead, you "fight" him walking up the river stream as the ghosts of all the soldiers you killed try to grab you.

7. Colonel Volgin - no need to explain this one, he's the main bad guy of the game.

8. The Shagohod/Colonel Volgin - the "Metal Gear" fight of the game.

9. The Boss - easy to remember boss fight, last one of the game.

I'd Pick "The End", "The Sorrow", "The Boss" over any other MGS bosses.
Yeah sorry i ment Clyde.
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