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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Meh. I can understand them turning down the fight. They lost to Jon before, why would they risk their potential future shot on taking him on in short notice with only 3 weeks of prepararation and a full weight cut. Lose to the champ twice and chances are your not getting a shot again. Meanwhile Jon was on full camp. Sonnen had nothing to lose. I don't think DW is trying to prove any kind of message. Jones-Sonnen is just a money fight.
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Yep, it's essentially about the bottomline. The key though is how it got there. That's why I had to mention other fighters who turned it down. What choice did the UFC have; Glover, Gustaf (most plausible), Davis, Rashad (nobody will want to see a rematch), Cormier. Chael stepped up and somehow talked his way into it.

I would have let the LHW title holder recuperate and have the winner of Gustaf/Shogun, Glover/Rampage and especially Hendo/Machida take it. That makes sense...not Chael. To reiterate fortune favors the bold. Business can not wait. You ever see stock brokers operate. They sell and buy within nanoseconds. They gotta keep things moving and put on "entertaining shows," albeit with less than sportsman like qualities even at times. It's 80% sports like and 20% showmanship. You can thank Tito and Brock for that. It aint all bad. Easier to see on the outside much more difficult on the inside so I can understand fully their methodology here.

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