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Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
Everybody saying that this was a "smart business move" doesn't know a thing about business. Yes, this will make the UFC money in the SHORT TERM, but long term it will hurt the bottom line by negatively influencing the promotion's appearance of legitimacy. When EliteXC put Kimbo Slice as a main event on CBS, yes they broke viewership records for that one card in the short term, but what happened to them long term? The promotion was rightfully viewed as a joke and it collapsed. I'd venture that almost everybody on this forum has no business experience whatsoever and thinks freakshows are the best way to sustain a profitable MMA business.
I for one don't think it's a prudent move at all. It was influenced by what was mentioned above. It's circumstantial. One got injured, the LHW title holder didn't want to take the replacement fight, enter The Phenom who injures his arm, two top fighters turned it down in the process, Chael steps's the way it presented itself.

I think you're pretty riled up and I feel ya. That deal is done whether we like it or not. I despised the LHW holder for not taking the last minute replacement fight, but then I realized what for. He's the one that's gonna get the backlash eventually. Look...he now has to fight em and endure months of harassment where he could have decimated em at UFC 151 and become the likeable superstar the UFC wanted him to be.

He will forever be in Anderson's shadow. Anyways hope you get a different perspective on this. Can't get too riled up on things. Look at the bright side.

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