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Day - Five
We had a special coach tonight come in. I believe his name was Dan.

He focused on mobility via a yoga style workout.

There was a lot of plank work, ab work via reverse knees & reverse knee crunches, a side plank w/ one hand vertical, planks with an elbow coming off the ground to slap your partner's hand.

there was a one legged knee tuck against the chest into an outside lunge walk.

and a bunch of other little things I cannot name.

After the yoga-like general workout we did a circuit style session, which I can barely remember.

After the circuits we went into free work: bags, mitts,etc.

I focused on my 1-2 for a few rounds, then moved onto a small bag to work on thai roundhouse and teeps.

My coach Jeff who focuses mainly on boxing understands the Thai Philosophy fairly well. He asked me to work with him using thai pads.

We worked on stringing together combos ending with roundhouses. He caught me off guard when he asked me to use my lead leg my left for the roundhouses. I still have not been able to effectively utilize a lead thai roundhouse yet.

At one point he held the pads for body kicks and I fired off 50 or so kicks in rapid order. I love using my right leg!

After this one of the heavyweights asked Jeff if he could work on the same stuff. This lead into me showing him what Brad and his Master has taught me.

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