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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Ha, i WISH.


Went to the club.. only for one reason, dude from jersey shore named ronnie was gonna be there promoting it and i knew mad bitches would be there because of it. Well an hour prior to going i drank ~10 beers + 1/5 of jager. All in 1 hour. Needless to say i was shitfaced. Well i payed 20 to get in, but somewhere along the line i dropped all my money (around 400) and DIDNT EVEN NOTICE IT! Well, the bouncers saw this happen and said i was too drunk to go in.

Part 2
All my friends are inside, including the person i got a ride from. My phone is in her car. So i am literally stuck there, shit faced. Well i keep trying to get in and they wont let me. I go around back and spend about 30 mins trying to jump over a 10 foot wooden fence. After numerous falls and bloody hands, i made it. SO YAY!! Im in. BOOM, got escorted out.

Part 3
I guess somewhere along the line one of the bouncers pushed me or something and i was livid. Went wangster on him. Told him if he wanted to go then to follow me around back where theres no cops and no one to stop me when im beating his skull in. Along with about another 50 vulgar insults. Well he does start to follow me but i guess he stopped sometime or another. I think i tried to get in again and they got the cops on me. Switched my id's real quick which BTW dunno what happened to my fake, and the cop told me to just get out off the property. Well as im leaving, i see one of my friends in her car and i LUCKILY catch a ride with her.

And that was thursday night. Friday was my birthday. The eve to my 20th birthday i lose 400 dollars, try and fight a bouncer, almost get arrested, tear my hands to pieces, ruin a 100 dollar shirt with all my blood, leave my phone in someones car, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, made a complete damn fool of myself.

That is the definition of a bad night. Im sure most of you have had worse or something but seriously.. horrible, horrible, horrible feeling.
Damn you're only wonder. It's standard...your type of night was our night on a weekly basis for years straight.

I don't know what it is...we just feel invincible when we're young and rolling deep. Those were the days...

My advice don't drink too much cuz you need to be coherent in those type of situations. Use your car keys to jab someones neck or eyeball "in case of emergency." If you run into a bad crowd, especially ones who are connected it'll be a long night and you'll wish the cops and security are there to help. Not everyone fights fair...remember that. Your friends...I'm not sure if they're down to back you up 100%. You'll know what I mean when that day comes...bottles flying then all hell breaks loose...yee haw...either they stand and fight or they'll be the first ones bouncing shaking like a crap game.

All in all glad to hear you just ruined a shirt, sucks for the money for Jersey Shore...yah I don't know why girls flock to those things. Never seen one episode. I use to hate bouncers, but I learned that if you're koo with them then they'll be on your side if things happen.

After awhile you'll get tired of the club scene...too much drama. You'll get tired of fighting after awhile.

Til the next episode...

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