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Shouldn't be a crime

I really don't see marijuana as being a harmful drug. I smoke infrequently but enjoy sparking a fattie every now and again. I used to be a daily smoker, but I found it costs too much and caused a lack of motivation if I did the old wake and bake. I would like to see it legalized or decriminalized though, as it would bring prices down and put a stop to it being a simple bust for police (who would rather bust a pot smoker than do actual police work). It is semi legal in Michigan, as it's pretty easy to get a medical marijuana card. Even having the card doesn't exactly protect you from prosecution though (it matters what city or region of Michigan you live in) and it's still against federal law (if you have enough of it to garner their attention). I see it as being a lot less harmful than alcohol and most opiate based prescriptions. I would have to agree with those who say that the most harmful part of smoking marijuana comes from the fact that it's illegal and you could end up in jail which is detrimental to your health both physically and mentally. There are too many reasons to list why it will stay illegal though, mostly because it would hurt a lot of other industries like big pharma,alcohol,textiles,paper,energy,rehabilitatio n clinics, and the drug testing industry (pretty much the whole reason that they exist because it's the only drug they can test for that isn't out of your system in a few days). Can't wait until the St. Pierre vs. Condit fight though, I'll be blazing a fat one or two for sure!
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