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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Already tired of it :P

yeh and as goes for fighting... not there yet :P
Idk, I just feel like people have doubted me my entire life and when someone tries to fight me its like they are doubting me.. So i get to prove them wrong and thats why i enjoy it some much. Damn thats going to be my knew quote. Goodun.
Do your thing, but always have two eyes in the back of your head. Know your surroundings, what can be used as weapons for and against you, and most importantly your exit routes. Years and years of this shiet and you pick up things that you can't read in the books. I actually kinda enjoy reading this, but be safe. Aren't you engaged to your lady or was that someone else on here.

Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
People who are looking for fights when they go out are morons. We would be better off without them.
Unless ya read the Tony Soprano management guide. There's actually a book out there. Read a chapter of it briefly. Basically it's about his leadership style on how it's applicable to every day business. It's pretty funny stuff.

Think a lot of the inherent violence can be related to social media, films, tv shows, video games, and the growing income disparity. It's creating a lot unrest in the civil sector. Imagine if this was a cashless society or one based on a barter system. Unfortunately this land has finite amount of resources so we pillage and plunder our way to war. I have no idea how I started rambling about this...but yah society today is much different than it was in the 90's and even more so in the 70's and 80's and so on and so forth. I say bring back the hippie movement with Oldfan leading the way. Cuz he's probably the only one truly from that era and that's not a knock on him.

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