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Support the right to own firearms

They are trying to take our guns. I'm not a gun fanatic in the slightest but once I heard that there were plans of banning assault rifles, I went and bought one. Never owned a gun in my life, only shot a few of them in my life. My rifle sits in my closet along with about 5 or 6 boxes of ammo and a few 30 round mags....

I don't vote. I don't feel like voting accomplishes anything. I feel the whole system is rigged so instead of voting with a ballet, I vote with my wallet.

They are talking of banning assault rifles? Well, I'm part of that growing statistic of Americans who are buying these assault rifles... My number is on there somewhere...

We, the American people are the last line of defense against our ever growing tyrannical government.... Without our firearms, we are sitting ducks.... Even if you aren't a gun fanatic, go out and buy an assault rifle. Be a part of the statistic that does not support these gun laws they want to inflict on us...

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