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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Weidman is absolutely legit. I'm usually overly skeptical about young fighters on tears, but Weidman is everything he is made out to be and more. He is the best American grappler in the UFC as far as I'm concerned, and I have little doubt he will make Boetsch look childish.

I don't think it is ridiculous to think that he could take Silva down and submit him. He probably wouldn't, but he is really the only guy at 185 with half a shot at beating The Spider.
He is legit. I am just wondering if his standup will be easily countered by Silva...or maybe (just maybe!) even Boetsch.

Either way, I'm glad he at least has another fight with a decent striker before this train takes off at full speed towards a title shot.

Always supporting:

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the best match-up the UFC has ever been able to arrange. Here's to hoping it goes down.
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