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Finally, someone else that sees this situation my way, or the correct way. Yes, Whinemann is a great Wrestler who is deadly on the ground. Yes, that has been shown to be Silva's kryptonite. Thing is tough, if Whineybabymann doesn't score the TD within the first 2 minutes, then finish Silva, he will be murdered standing. Whiney's stand up is amateurish..., unrefined would probably be a more suitable description, and the healthy Silva has shown that he only goes down once and if you don't win the fight then and there, you will not take him down again. Anyways, back on topic, Maia domina..., won the stand up against Whiny rather decisively. Demian F***ing Maia! The BJJ expert with amateur Boxing skills, at best. If his slow and technically deficient ass can tag Weidbaby whenever he wants, Silva will literally kill him with whatever he want whenever he feels like it.
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