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Originally Posted by zath the champ View Post
Hello All,

I was re-watching all of Chris' fights in the UFC so far tonight. After each fight, I kept thinking his chances of actually beating Silva (and hell, maybe even Tim) are very slim.

I think the main reason he has so much hype stems from one fight: Munoz. Thing is, that match-up had so little standup exchanges, it feels like people are forgetting that he barely won an SD over Maia and was tagged all 3 rounds by a very rudimentary (compared to Silva) striker.

He has been tagged hard in every one of his fights except against Mark. That will not fly in a fight with Silva.

He has great control if a take down is successful.

But, Weidman's striking and striking defense are nowhere near where they need to be to exchange with Silva. He leaves his hands lower than they should be. He throws with a ton of commitment and comes forward with his chin down.

For a counter-striker as gifted as Silva, this would just be target practice on the feet.

Can Anderson be taken down and controlled? Yes; but over the course of 25 mins, I'm confident Silva would score the TKO/KO.

What do ya think? Am I way off base here?

The main reason he has so much hype is not the Munoz fight, it's that he's rag dolled and owned everyone but Maia when he had a severe weight cut, that and his success in straight grappling tournaments(going to points with Galvao as a purple belt three years ago, etc)

Anyone who believes Boetsch has a chance against him is high, he's gonna strangle Tim.

Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
Finally, someone else that sees this situation my way, or the correct way. Yes, Whinemann is a great Wrestler who is deadly on the ground. Yes, that has been shown to be Silva's kryptonite. Thing is tough, if Whineybabymann doesn't score the TD within the first 2 minutes, then finish Silva, he will be murdered standing. Whiney's stand up is amateurish..., unrefined would probably be a more suitable description, and the healthy Silva has shown that he only goes down once and if you don't win the fight then and there, you will not take him down again. Anyways, back on topic, Maia domina..., won the stand up against Whiny rather decisively. Demian F***ing Maia! The BJJ expert with amateur Boxing skills, at best. If his slow and technically deficient ass can tag Weidbaby whenever he wants, Silva will literally kill him with whatever he want whenever he feels like it.
That's par for the course for a guy with nine fights.

You know Weidman cut 32 lbs in 11 days for that fight right?

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