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I never understood the main appeal of Skyrim. I love the elements of every character doing stuff at the same time, and how you can kill people and it keeps track of everything like that etc. The endless amount of side quests and good customization is dope aswell, along with the crazy big map and different setting. These are the astetics (?), but when I get into it, it's pretty boring. Everything seems to be "Enter this cave", "Go and get this" etc., and the gameplay is pretty much button bashing with a sword or clicking around with a fireball. I have NO idea why in 2011, the game of the year still has you clicking and zapping outside of buildings. Surley they could have just left it completley open ended like GTA does? GTA used the zapping approach in Vice City, so it's a dated form of movement.

I'd LOVE to see someone cross GTA and Skyrim together. Basically, Skyrim in the city, in 2012. With gun use, it might come off a little bit more like Fallout, but just imagining the endless amounts of characters with storylines in a fully functioning city would be crazy. A high flat with 15 floors, with like 30 people living in it, each with tyheir own character and a lot with storylines. It'd be insane.

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