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Originally Posted by zath the champ View Post
Howdy Ape.

I was MIA from the forum when Diaz/Condit went down. Were people not impressed with that fight!?!?

Several comments about Condit stalling or being boring have been popping up. I thought it was a badass fight. /shrug
It's universally recognized as a terrible fight. The first round was good because Carlos was engaging.

It's fun to think that it was Carlos's gameplan to run around, but then why didn't he do that in the first round especially against Diaz who is a notorious slow starter?

He went at Diaz in round one, ate some body shots against the cage and decided to jump on his bike instead because he realized Diaz was every bit as good as people say he is.

The only people I've seen praise the fight are people who dislike Nick Diaz's attitude.

In fact, the most critical people of that fight tend to be big Carlos Condit fans like my (former) self who talked Condit up to all their buddies and came off looking like a total retard.

Also this is the guy who's 'gameplan' against Dan Hardy was to stand in front of him and trade punches, which was literally the ONLY way Hardy could win. Condit isn't that guy. He isn't a runner. He isn't a guy who'd rather keep his distance and throw leg kicks, then literally turn his back on his opponent and sprint in the opposite direction when the guy get's close. Condit felt what Diaz could do and he decided instead to do what Greg told him and try to win without fighting.

This is one of those fights where the guy who lost came out looking great because it really showed how scary Nick Diaz is. Even Carlos Condit wanted absolutely nothing to do with him on the feet after feeling those body shots. No one else Condit has every fought was able to put that fear in Condit.

'Timidity' is listed as a foul in the unified rules on MMA. One of these days maybe we'll get a ref who actually enforces it.

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