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What is your fondest Strikeforce Moment?

Strikeforce was pre-zuffa, a thriving MMA organization. With the likes of Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz, Fedor, Dan Henderson, and lots of others, it really had a chance. With the heavyweight grand-prix, it looked like SF was really on to someting. Then, things changed. Fedor lost. Overeem bowed out of the grand-prix. Jake Shields jumped ship. As did Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson. Followed by others, notably Alistair Overeem. Now we're left with a shadow of what it once was. I know that SF still has some prime talent, particular middleweights. I hope to see A LOT of these guys come over. Ronda Rousey is probably SF's biggest star right now since we haven't seen Melendez in a while.

But before the strip down came, SF had some very memorable fights. What are some of your favorite moments? Feel free to pick multiple. I know SF isn't technically dead yet, but Im going to consider this my thread to mourn and reminisce about the days of ole.

My moments:
Hendo ko's Fedor: That was bigger to me than either of Fedor's other losses. Hendo was undersized and older. It was probably my favorite round of action in almost any mma fight ever. I was very excited at the outcome.

Lawler Ko's Manhoef: Im a huge fan of all things MFS, including but not limited to, Pat, Robbie, Hughes, Jens, and Jeremy Horn. So I was really excited to see Robbie get in there. But it was hard to watch Manhoef DESTROY Lawler's legs with those kicks. I thought at any moment Robbie would drop and get pounded out. But he came back with a thundering punch that put Melvin away. Pure goregous.

Nick Diaz v Frank Shamrock: It wasnt neccesarily an epic fight. I really enjoyed the build up and was very excited about it, though. Nick's personality and some of his fighting style remind me of a young Frank Shamrock. His antics in the cage even further cement the similarities. I hated to see Frank lose, but passing the torch here was what the MMA gods deemed fit. Just a great moment.

Other than just having great fights, SF made MMA royalty out of some new guys and brought some fighters that have been in the game back to the spotlight. SF really cemented the legacy of Frank Shamrock. Gave Pat Miletich a place to be seen and heard. Brought Nick Diaz from midcarder to champion. Made genuine superstars out of Gilber Melendez, Ronda Rousey, and Daniel Cormier. Also, IMO, they had the best heavyweight division in any league since Pride.

And another huge legacy for SF: Women's MMA. Strikeforce has really made WMMA legitimate.

What are your favorite moments from Strikeforce?

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