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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
For Halloween think we're gonna see a bunch of GSP's running around. Pretty soon you'll see Chuck Liddell masks...ahha.

Just wait til I get my millions then it's off to Vegas for a weekend of debauchery!

Thursday arrival - training session at Wand Fight gym since I'm not too keen on Xtreme Couture.
Spa afterwards.
Buffet at the Mirage, Bellagio or any hotel.
11pm - 2am - Lounge party at LAX as a warm up for the weekend.
3am - 8am - Play poker

Friday - UFC expo
Hang out at the pool meet ladies.
Seafood buffet at the RIO. Anybody who's been there knows what's up. All you can eat lobsters, Alaskan crabs, oysters, etc.
Take a dump.
11pm - 2am - Night club party at Tao.
2am - 5am - Afterhours
5am - 5pm - Poker marathon session.

Saturday -
Straight to the hotel after the poker session to get ready for --->

UFC fight prelims then main card.
Make random bets on fights.
Start brawls if I lose. J/K
Night club party at XS to celebrate UFC 300.

- pool party
- check out Cirque Du Soleil show on shrooms
- party hard one last time at the Palms

How's that MMAFers...that is my plan. So pray and hope my business ventures come into fruition.
Haha I remember this, what are the stipulations? You just have to get yourself to Vegas and the rest will be covered by our resident future millionaire, No_Mercy?

Just so you know.. I rep you all the time, but not because I enjoy your posts, I just want to stay fresh in your mind so when it comes time for you to send the invitations you won't forget me!


On a seperate note, I downloaded the Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Ever, and yeah it's amazing but there is literally no Pink Floyd on there, i'm deeply offended.

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