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Depends on the Champion.

Chuck, Wand, Anderson, Fedor, BJ, GSP, Hughes are all good examples of well-loved dominant champions. And I feel they represent a pretty good cross-section of different personalities and attitudes. Even though some of them were kind of dicks a lot of the time (Hughes, Wand, Anderson) they accepted their role as the bad guy and often won people over because of that.

The problem for Jones is that he can't decide if he wants to be a respectful, kids' role-model type champion or a shit-talking disrespectful bad ass champion.

So he alienates the fans who like the nice guys but also the fans that like a little bit of an edge to their fighters.

And it's not just outside the cage. In the cage, he'll poke the eyes, come crawling out of the corner at the beginning of the fight, throw blatantly illegal elbows on the ground, etc... but then he tries to bow to his opponents and show humility two seconds later.

The problem is he's just so fake all the time, I wonder if he even knows who the real Jon Jones is anymore.
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