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Originally Posted by box View Post
They just need to implement a Firearm license. Just like you have to have a license to drive a car, the same should be said for any type of gun, not banning them outright.
I've posted an idea on how to regulate gun ownership in another thread, but the thread died. So here it is again:

I've got an idea on how to make sure that only responsible people who are in their right mind get legally access to guns:

1. People with a criminal record in association with a violent crime or a sentence of more than a year can't get guns. (There is probably already something similar)
2. Anyone who wants to get a gun, has to have five adult bondsmen who would be charged and sentenced the same as that person, if that person commits a crime with a (any) gun during the next ten years.

That way only someone who is obviously trustworthy to other people (=small part of society) would legally get access to guns.

What do you people thinkż
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