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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Well if 2 or 3 guys twice my size break in my house I like my odds a lot better if I have that hk45 of mine. Really all it takes is2 or three shots because the guys run when they find what they are dealing with.
You realize that that is not a common situation right? Most break ins are performed by a single person. If it's a group they tend to go in armed because they are used to subduing the people inside while they ransack the place. You fire 2 or 3 shots - in the dark at vague shapes - and maybe you you scare them off or maybe you turn robbers into murderers when they fire back or maybe you just panicked and shot your wife in the dark.

It's not a clear cut issue. Most fatal gunshot wounds in the home are done by a gun owner to one of the other people living in the house.

Honestly - for most - having a gun in the house for protection is a power fantasy. In their head they see themselves skillfully retrieving it from it's secured location and gunning down the burglar in action movie fantasy. Reality is different. Most people in this situation are shaking so badly that they couldn't hit Rosie O'Donnel if they had bacon wrapped around the barrel.

But that in and of itself serves a purpose. A gun's most extreme benefit is saving your life but most likely it will never have to do so. What it does do well is provide peace of mind. It makes the owner feel secure*.

*Note: This blanket statement does not include paranoid gun nuts. If you believe that the governments and squirrels are working together to make America a Communist state nothing will make you feel secure. Not even those nice young men in white coats who bring you your pills every day at 3.

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