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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Never said it wouldn't. I am simply presenting a different view of things. Debate style. As I said I have no issue with gun ownership for whatever reason.

I will argue that it takes less skill to be competent with a sword or a knife in a tense situation than a gun. Knives in particular are easy to learn and - in close quarters - are more dangerous. It's why CQC courses teach the twenty seven feet rule. If they are within 27 feet they can get to you with the knife before you can draw and fire with any accuracy.
I would say it is easier to use but not to use effectively. Some people don't go down due to a Stan wound and you have to know where the tendons and neves are and slash in the right place to bring the guy down. You have to be quick enough and strong enough to use one which a yong woman or old man can't get. The rule of 27 doesnt apply here because you would already have your gun drawn and pointed and it only takes a fraction of a second to pull the trigger.

Why weaken the resposable Gun owners because of a fe irresponsible ones.

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