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Originally Posted by locnott View Post
Last week there were two separate cases within 100 miles from me where young girls knowing how to use a gun saved them from being attacked in their home,
first one , two men waited for her parents to leave then started breaking kicking in the door, she told them she had a gun, they kept on coming and she shot them, killed one and one got away for now.
Second one was similar, guy started breaking in, girl called her mom, mom told her to get the gun, call 911 and lock her self in the closet, she did all 3, the guy forced himself into the house and was kicking in the closet door to get her when she shot through the door hitting him in the shoulder, he fled and ran right into the cops just outside.
I much rather hear this kind of outcome rather than what would have happened if neither girl had a gun..
One case was just outside Dallas and the other was in Calera Okla.
I do not think every person deserves to own a gun, it should be treated as a privilege,
Yeah it should be a privilege and people should display knowledge and resposibility befor owning one but in my mind that is an ideal situation. Threading I am a libertarian is I don't trust the gov to make the right choices and history is on my side here. What starts as a reasonable of resposibitity and ability turns in to some outrageous peramiters and then it's damn near impossible to get one. Let the people be responsible for their actions and fend for themselves instead of relying on big brother government to decide right and wrong

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